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“Change happens through movement and movement heals “ Joseph Pilates 





There are countless ways to change and adapt Pilates exercises, dependant on your age, weight, physical ability, and level of fitness.


The exercises given to you are modified so that regardless of your level and abilities can stay safe while being physically challenged.


Become Flexible, Functional and strong.

Can I do Pilates?

Childs Pose Pilates

How can Pilates help with
Pain Relief?


Pilates specifically focuses on strengthening the bodies core which includes your stomach area, sides, your mid to lower back, your buttocks and your hips.


The practice makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy posture which can prevent you from slumping and hunching.  


Pilates may help you recover from an existing injury or manage a chronic musculoskeletal issue. It can also help to establish a healthy level of fitness and strength, so that when any issues or injuries arise, you are in a position where you are able to bounce back faster.

What Can I Expect?


In our Pilates sessions you will be guided through a series of mat work exercises and sometimes we may include the use of bands, balls, Pilates rings, and bars. Through learning these exercises, you will be equipped with a tool to maintain your best body. All in the space of a mat.

One to One Pilates 

Your session will be tailored to you and your bodies needs, working on strengthening your core along with any weaknesses you may have or areas you are struggling with. Pilates exercises can be modified to suit an individual's needs, from treating athletes to those in physical rehabilitation, the Pilates technique can be made accessible to almost anyone. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you will benefit from moving your body with form, function, and grace.

Small Group Pilates Classes 

Our small group Pilates classes have up to 4 people in each class, this means that our instructor has her focus on all of you to help you with the movements and give you the support you need. These sessions guide you through a series of Pilates techniques suitable for all levels including beginners. If there is something specific you require strengthening or conditioning our instructor will adapt the exercises to suit you.

Start Your Pilates Journey

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